Saturday, 11 February 2017

Happy Days: Books, Baking and Bouncing

It's Saturday, which means it's time for another Happy Days Link Up.  Here are the things that have made me happy this week:

Tea - I've virtually lived on it this week!

Booking a Massage - Beauty treatments aren't something I normally do, as a qualified Therapist I have been used to providing treatments, but I am so excited to have a massage booked and look forward to some pampering! 

The Park - We often take Emelia to the park as there is one just down the road, this week we've been a few times, but we met some friends there on Friday which was lovely, Emelia loved playing with her friends!

New Car - We are finally looking at a new car, we are desperate for something bigger now there are 4 of us!  

Shopping - Emelia and I went shopping to get craft bits and pieces for some Pinterest things we plan to make for Valentine's day. 

Films - We've brought back 'Disney Sundays'.  We love Disney so every sunday we sit down as a family and Emelia will choose one to watch (getting her to choose a different one each week can be quite challenging!) this week we watched Tinkerbell! 

Baking - after picking up some new cake cases and baking bits my love of baking has returned! 

Reading - I've actually managed to finish my book this week, 'The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters' I usually like to read thrillers, but when this came out I immediately bought it and I've really enjoyed reading something different - Book review coming soon! 

Emelia's laugh - she absolutely loves it when we play on the trampoline, her laugh is so infectious.

Dinner at the Marina - We are so lucky to live right by the sea, we have a lovely Marina about 20minutes drive from our house.  To celebrate my friend's birthday we were invited for dinner at the TGI's on the waterfront this week.

I'm linking this post with Katy and Sian's Happy Days Linky!  What's been your highlight this week? 

Have a lovely weekend! x 


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