Saturday, 18 February 2017

Aden + Anais Review & Giveaway

I am sure we can all agree how brilliant muslins are when you have a baby, between Emelia and Oscar they are probably our most used baby item!  I hadn't come across Aden + Anais, until my pregnancy with Oscar when searching online for packs of muslin I stumbled across them and immediately loved their designs.  I read a few reviews about them and how good the quality was so decided to order a pack to see for myself.  I had a terrible time trying to decide which ones to go for, but in the end chose the Jungle Jam set.

Muslin Squares 

The muslins are made from high quality cotton, they're super soft (even before they've been washed) and breathable. The fabric has a quick drying, open weave which allows your baby's body temperature to regulate itself naturally, preventing your baby from overheating.  The muslins are a generous size (70x70cm) and amongst other things, are perfect for using as a cover if you are breast feeding.  I am currently using them as swaddles for Oscar as he is so tiny, although I do have some swaddles for when he's bigger.  The muslins are so soft and snuggly, actually this stands for all of their products that I've used.  After opening the first pack of musys and falling in love with them I went straight online and ordered some more, there are so many lovely designs to choose from including their Limited Edition Disney collection.

Here are the links to the ones I have pictured:
Jungle Jam 
Winnie the Pooh 
Jungle Book

Dream Blanket 

If you love the muslins squares and/or swaddles by Aden + Anais then you will love the Dream Blankets. They aren't the cheapest blanket you can buy, but equally not one of the most expensive I've seen. Dream Blankets are extremely generous in size (I was shocked when I opened ours), can be used for multiple things and have some lovely prints.  They also stock an adult size 'Daydream Blanket'.  The blankets measure 47x47inches and are comprised of 4 layers of 100% cotton muslin.  It's big enough to cover Emelia and I, but also folds perfectly to suit Oscar without being too bulky.
I've been using ours as playmat, but it's also a great cover when building a den!  As with the muslins squares I love how the blanket becomes softer after each wash!  We chose the Twinkle design as we didn't know Oscar was going to be a boy and I'm a bit of a sucker for grey and white!

Burpy Bibs, Wash Cloths & Towel 

The other products I have purchased from Aden + Anais are the Burpy Bibs, Wash Cloths and Hooded Towels.  Each of them predictably perfect.  I use all of them on a daily basis for Oscar, the burby bibs are perfect when giving him his bottle and have a small popper so he can wear them as a normal bib when he's older and weaning.  The wash cloths have been perfect for him, as he was 8 weeks premature I was nervous to use cloths and sponges at bath time as his skin was so delicate and sensitive, Aden + Anais' wash cloths were as soft as their other muslin products and have been fantastic for him, you can buy them in sets or singularly on Amazon.  The final thing I have purchased from Aden + Anais is the hooded towel, which is soft and fluffy and has stayed so after washes.  Oscar loves snuggling into it after his bath!

Overall, I have come to the conclusion that Aden + Anais can (and have) become very addictive.  I have found myself becoming somewhat of a muslin snob and now don't like to use the other (perfectly ok) muslins we have because they just aren't as soft as these.  They've rapidly become the favourite products I have bought for Oscar and actually, my favourite baby brand at the moment.  I've been raving about them to all of my friends which has inspired me to start a 'Brand of the Month' series.  For February (and January actually) Aden + Anais take the gold!  If you're looking for some lovely soft muslins, or would like an extra special blanket then I would highly recommend trying one of these, they also make lovely gifts too. 

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  1. We LOVE Aden & Anais muslins and swaddles - they're so soft! I use them the most, i prefer to invest in good quality ones than have loads!

  2. Absolutely! I wish we had found them sooner I've not found anything as soft and the size is fab. Definitely worth the extra money for the quality.

  3. We love Aden and Anais and found their muslin was so so soft and such great quality! Sometimes it's great to spend a little more and get quality bits!

    Couldn't not enter the giveaway!! Xx