Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Weaning Oscar | With HiPP Organic

Weaning can be daunting for any parent, whether it's your first or third child, it certainly has been for me. When it was Emelia's turn it was so easy, she began showing an interest and tasting foods at 4 months, whereas Oscar has been the polar opposite, even at 6 months he showed no interest what so ever. I was beginning to feel quite deflated, health visitors and other professionals were telling me what he should be having but no matter what I tried nothing worked, he just refused. I tried both bought and home made purees, finger foods, foods we eat, baby rice - everything.

We were contacted by HiPP Organic, who asked if we'd be interested in trying their new recipe purees which we were thrilled about and of course accepted. Boy has it converted Oscar, now I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, he's a little older and holding himself up better for one but all of a sudden, having these jars he's been polishing off portions and looking for seconds. 

There's so much pressure to do full blown baby led weaning and their seems to be too much 'mum shaming' when it comes to pouches and jars, which I have been on the receiving end of and think is completely unjust.  As far as I'm concerned the most important thing is that Oscar has suddenly started eating and seems to be enjoying his food, not whether it comes out of a jar or not. In any case, the new HiPP Organic recipes are great, the purees are 100% fruit or veg and have no added sugar, so what's their to complain about?! 

We were lucky enough to try the following flavours: 

- Banana Rice Breakfast 
- Banana Yoghurt Breakfast 
- Mango & Banana Topped with Yogurt 
- Strawberry Cereal topped with yoghurt 
- Banana Custard 
- Pure Peas 
- Pure White Carrot (Oscar's favourite!) 
- Tender Carrots & Potatoes 
- Apple & Pear 
- Simply Pears 
- Apple, Banana & Blackcurrant (another of Oscar's favourite!) 
- Banana & Peach 
- Banana, Pear & Mango 

The only downside for us, is that Oscar has to have a dairy free diet, so I wasn't able to try the jars which included milk, however, not wanting them to go to waste I them onto a friend to test for me and they were a hit with her baby. 

I knew Oscar would like the fruit purees as fruits were the only food he would really taste, but he was really keen on the HiPP Organic veg jars too - especially the white carrot. I love to have fresh fruit and veg in the house, but being in Cyprus at the moment the heat means you need to eat them pretty quickly, which isn't always feasible.  Having an alternative to take out and about with us has been great, especially over the last couple of weeks where we've been all over the place visiting relatives.   

Most of the jars we were sent are suitable for babies from 4 months and some 6 or 7 months onwards. I believe they also have jars suitable for babies from 10 months so I have no doubt you'll be able to find something to suit the stage of weaning you're at, Oscar is about to turn 8 months, although technically, given his prematurity he's only 6 so they've been perfect for him. As our holiday in the U.K is about to come to an end and they've been such a success, I made a point of stocking up on a variety of HiPP Organic jars as I'm not sure how easy they'll be to get hold of in Cyprus. 

I really can't speak highly of them enough - they got my child to not only eat, but enjoy his food! 

Disclaimer: We were sent several jars of HiPP Organic baby food in exchange for a review.  As always all thought and opinions are my own. 

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