Monday, 14 August 2017

Maternity Style Top Picks | Autumn/Winter Edition

I am a HUGE fan of clothes shopping, but I have to be honest, maternity clothes don't really do it for me!  I find a lot of them to frumpy and ill fitting - for me anyway.  I wouldn't call myself a style icon or even particularly fashionable, especially during pregnancy.  At the moment it's hot, so I've been living in shorts and vests (pyjamas at home!), but as I getting bigger Autumn/Winter will arrive, my least favourite seasons which isn't a great time to be struggling for outfit ideas! My go to maternity clothes are leggings, a long vest and cardigan or jumper.  I have some maternity jeans but I'm yet to find a pair that I really love. I also don't think you need to invest in a great deal of maternity clothes, but I do like to have a few staple items which I can mix in with my normal clothes. 

I've been searching the internet for some maternity bargains, there are sales everywhere at the moment so it wasn't difficult.  It was also good to see the new Autumn/winter pieces creeping in too. After looking on lots of different websites I found New Look and ASOS came out on top with variety, value and my size availability! 

Here are my Maternity Top Picks

Topshop Leggings - These are great, comfy, easy to wear, do what they say on the tin leggings and come as a multipack for £22 - bargain! 

Topshop Joni Jeans £36 - I had a pair of these jeans for my second pregnancy and hastily threw them away, they were extremely comfy and wore really well so I plan on getting another pair ready for the winter. 

H&M Jeans £34.99 - These skinny jeans were actually a bit of a surprise, I never really rated H&M for jeans but I have to say their maternity ones fit pretty well, they've also turned me into a fan of the over bump fabric - which always used to drive me insane. 

Isabella Oliver Vests £32 - Now a lot of people (myself included initially) will think these are extremely overpriced for a simple basic vest top.  However, I invested in a couple of tops when pregnant with Oscar and I lived in them, they were so comfy, easy to wear and wash really well, they're long enough to cover your bump and bum so you can wear them over leggings and they're brilliant post pregnancy too. There are several colours to choose from, but personally for the price I'd go for staples like black and/or white. 

Isabella Oliver Rosie Maternity Print Top £69 - I'm not usually a fan of big prints on clothing but something keeps drawing me to this top.  There's no denying it's an expensive item but I know, being from Isabella Oliver the quality will be worth it and it's something that is designed to work after baby is born too.  Isabella Oliver is definitely my favourite maternity brand.  I will always stand by the saying 'You get what you pay for.' 

Basic Tees from New Look for £8.99 or two for £12 - Simple but affordable, these comfy t-shirts from new look are perfect for everyday, I've actually stocked up on a few as I know they'll get used for messing around with the children or just lounging around in. Plenty of space for bump to grow too! 

UGG Boots Prices from £65 - (stupidly mine went into storage when we moved to Cyprus :( ) let's face it, UGG boots are not the most beautiful or fashionable item of footwear, but I'm sure we can agree that they're extremely warm and comfortable, and for me, being comfortable is paramount, particularly when pregnant and running around after kids and a husband! Being warm comes a very close second - I really hate the cold and I'm sorry to anyone who despises them, but UGGs are a winter staple for me - pregnant or not! I've actually seen them dotted around in the online sales, with quite hefty discounts, depending on whether you prefer the long or short style! 

Of course there are lots of places to buy maternity items, some much cheaper than others, it really comes down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable in. 

What are your maternity must haves?



  1. Dorothy Perkins have some wonderful long maternity tops, so much so I had to buy more and wear them even if i'm not pregnant! I dont think i even wore jeans with my third pregnancy, just leggings, I learnt my lesson from my first not to buy loads of maternity clothes haha

  2. I didn't buy that many maternity clothes last time and kind of regretted it! The amount of times my top rode up over my bump! I loved my pair of Stretchy maternity jeans though! These bits look so nice!

  3. I can't wait for it to be ugg weather again! That star print top is gorgeous. I got most of my maternity clothes from New Look xx

  4. Ok I love that star jumper and I'm not even pregnant!

  5. I lived in my H&M maternity jeans! They were a lifesaver! Also I was handed down some Isabella Oliver tops and they were such amazing quality!

  6. OH I love that jumper with the gold stars! I'd wear that and I'm not even pregnant! xx

  7. I love love love the star long sleeve top! Xx