Friday, 1 September 2017

Pregnancy Update | 18 - 20 Weeks & Gender Reveal

I'm actually 21 weeks but the last couple of weeks have been nice and hectic as usual so I'm a little out of sync! In terms of the baby, everything is OK.  Things with me haven't been great but that's just ongoing issues which we were semi aware of.

I was taken to hospital on Sunday night expecting them to tell me I was miscarrying, by some stroke of miracle the baby was fine - not that the hospital bothered to do many tests apart from listening to the heart beat, mainly because I'm not registered with a doctor in the U.K, or that's how I was made to feel anyway.  I flew back to Cyprus to see my consultant and almost sent my midwife to an early grave in the process! I know some would say it was downright stupid to fly given the symptoms I was having, however, I wasn't getting anywhere with the NHS and I knew the best place for both the baby and I was back in Cyprus under the care of my midwife and consultant here.  I went straight to the hospital after landing where I was given a scan, examination and various other tests. The issue still lies with my placenta, at the moment everything is stable and it's just a case of close monitoring to check it doesn't dangerously deteriorate and that my previous C-Section scar stays OK, it's just going to be a week by week thing until the end. Despite everything the baby is thriving for which I count my lucky stars. 

Symptoms - Other than the symptoms of miscarriage (I'll spare you the details) I have been feeling OK, there isn't really much to report! 

Sleep - Last night Emelia and Oscar slept until 7:30am so I'm feeling refreshed today! But let's see what tomorrow brings and not hold our breath! 

Bump - There is no hiding the bump anymore! It's there loud and proud for all to see. 

Cravings - Still obsessing over frozen raspberries, but I've also become quite accustom to toffee popcorn and greek yoghurt with honey. 

Foetal Movement - I have just in the last couple of days started feeling fully fledged movements. 

Gender - Brett and I were both split when it came to the sex of this baby, before now we’ve always been pretty 50/50 and not had any strong feelings either way.  This pregnancy was different, from the minute I found out I was pregnant I ‘knew’ (convinced myself) that I was going to be having another girl.  My logic?  Our pattern has been girl, boy, boy, so I decided that it was time for some more pink in our lives and this baby was going to be another little girl. Also, being the sucker I am, for anything remotely spiritual, Emelia had randomly started talking about her little sister, on several occasions to other members of our family before anyone (including her) knew I was pregnant.  Brett on the other hand,  has been absolutely convinced it was a boy and wouldn’t entertain the idea of a girl.  I could understand his logic, Oscar and this baby are going to be very close together, I think he thought it was more practical to have another boy purely for that reason.  Of course there’s a 50/50 chance and it really doesn’t matter either way, but it is fun to speculate and listen to everyone's guesses! 

We were lucky enough to find out at my 12 weeks scan what we were having, although we wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little while. 

So here it is, we are SO excited to be having a...



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