Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Baby Shower Gift Guide

Baby Showers are more popular than ever before, for us in the UK it seems anyway.  Not something I've ever had personally, but they are something I have (and seem to be a lot recently) shopped for.  I have to say, I am one of those gooey women who love looking at anything baby related. I definitely get over excited when it comes to cute baby items, a cuddly toy, blanket or even a nicely dressed crib! So whenever one of my friends is expecting I love to look around and see what's new in the baby market.  When it comes to buying new baby or baby shower gifts I think we can all agree it's much more exciting to choose a pretty outfit or snuggly teddy over something practical like carseat adapters or a steriliser. I've rounded up some cute (and hopefully semi practical) items which I think are perfect to both give and receive, these are all personal favourites of mine, some of them I've received as gifts and some I've bought for friends.

Peter Rabbit Record Book £16.99 - I absolutely love baby record books (the WORST at sticking to filling them in though), I think they make a really lovely gift and something almost so obvious that people forget about them. 

Jellycat Soft Toy from £12 - Soft toys are a given for any new baby and we love how cute and cuddly all of the Jellycat toys are! 

Molly & Monty Organic Cotton Baby Clothes from £7 - If you're looking to buy a new outfit for a baby and want something a bit different and extra special, have a look at the simple and elegant designs Molly & Monty have to offer.  The organic cotton is perfect for a new baby's delicate skin! Items can be bought individually or as a sets, from bibs to baby grows!

Molly & Monty Organic Cotton Blanket £18 - Baby blankets never go to waste, these organic cotton blankets, perfect whatever the season, would make a lovely gift individually or as part of a gift set with the matching clothes listed above!

From Lucy 'The Day You Were Born' Book from £19.95 - a lovely story and beautiful keepsake all about the day the baby was born! This item would need to be bought after the baby has arrived, we received one when Oscar was born and it immediately became one of our favourite gifts so I absolutely had to include it, so thoughtful and something you can all enjoy over and over.  

Sophie La Girafe £12 - A classic teething toy, we didn't have one for Emelia but Oscar absolutely loves his! 

Muslins Bullabaloo £14.95 - I am a huge fan of muslins and I'm a sucker for pretty designs. Bullabaloo Baby have some gorgeous Muslin cloths for both boys and girls! 

Cowshed Baby Cow Organics Gift Set £28 - Cowshed are my all time favourite bath and body brand and their baby range does not disappoint.  It's a lovely luxurious feeling set but most importantly its kind to baby's skin.  Both my children have extremely sensitive skin and neither have ever had a reaction to the cowshed range.  Slightly more pricey than your average baby products but worth every penny! 

Waiting For Baby Sign £8 - perfect as a baby shower decoration or just a fun little gift! I love hanging decorations like these - much to Mr Wilson's dismay! 

I hope this gift guide has given you some ideas if you're off to a baby shower soon, or even if you're expecting and want to treat yourself/baby! 

Do you have any baby items you love to give or receive? Please leave them in the comments below. 




  1. I love Jellycat toys! such great quality, I am a big burts bees fan, and when I had my first born i was gifted alot of baby bee products and I still buy them now and gift them to new mums x

  2. oh we love JellyCat toys and ihve heard good things about sofia!

  3. I love everything you have included and would be over the moon to receive any of them. We love our jellycat toys too x

  4. I'm rubbish at filling in my baby record book too, but I love the idea of them! JellyCat soft toys are the best. We have quite a few.

  5. We love jellycats! Both my two have a "special" jellycat bunny. My and my little sister used to collect them as kids. x

  6. Some amazing gift ideas here! Especially the Peter Rabbit Record book, such a lovely gift (although I have never managed to fill mine out)...

  7. How I didn't I know that Cowshed did baby products! xo