Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Staying Cool During Pregnancy | Cool It Mama Spritz

I had my eye on the Cool It Mama spritz for a while before purchasing it and having used it constantly over the last few months I have to ask myself why I didn’t pick it up before.  To be honest, probably as I was sceptical about a product that is meant to cool you down, but it really does work and not only that, it smells beautiful. 

Regardless of what the weather is doing, feeling tired and having hot flushes are an everyday occurrence during pregnancy! For us, being  in Cyprus where temperatures have been soaring above 40 degrees I've been getting that sweaty lovely pregnancy glow. I love the heat and usually cope with it pretty well, but for some reason, this pregnancy has my hormones all out of sorts and I am constantly sweating - gross I know! This spray has become an absolute favourite and something I find myself reaching for everyday, there are lots of other cooling products out there but nothing I’ve tested has come close to the Natural Birthing Company’s Cool It Mama spritz. 

First impressions of the product were very luxurious, something you'd expect to find with the premium brands.  The blue bottle is simple and understated, but looks more special than your average high street product. The way the product works is pretty obvious, spritz over the desired area of your face and/or body to feel instantly cooler and refreshed.  The Natural Birthing Company have designed an extremely versatile product and you don't have to be pregnant to benefit from it. Everyone in our family has loved using it during the intense summer heat.  I popped at bottle in the fridge to see what difference it made and it is even more amazing! As it says on the bottle, you can use this all over your body and is really nice on your legs and feet if they're particularly achey or swollen. 

Smell and Consistency 

I really dislike products feeling sticky or like they’re sitting on your skin, but the Cool It Mama spritz does neither. You can use it as often as you like as there are no restrictions on the amount of applications in a 24hour period.  The smell is divine, comprised of 'Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Grapefruit oils in a sweet Orange Blossom Water' what's not to love?! It's such a calming product, I like to spray it before bed, eespecially after those days you find yourself running the kids up to bed before one of you has some sort of emotional breakdown! It’s definitely worked as a stress reliever for me, it reminds me of a really relaxing spa and aromatherapy massage. 

Size & Pricing 

The bottle is 100ml, I’ve had mine for over a month and it’s still going strong.  You can pick it up as part of a set; Midwife in a Box with a range of Natural Birthing Company’s products (which would make a lovely new mum gift - Brett if you’re reading this yes that’s a hint) or solo for around £8.99, which I don’t feel is overpriced taking into account the size, quality and longevity of it.  All of the products from the Natural Birthing Company have been designed by midwives, so you can be confident they're safe to use during pregnancy and around your new bundle of joy. 

There’s no doubt I’ll be using this throughout my pregnancy and beyond, I always have a bottle in my handbag but I've been loving it so much  I’ll be sure to have an extra packed in my hospital bag!

I am yet to try any of the other products from the Natural Birthing Company, have you tried any?  What are your recommendations? 

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