Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Zara Haul | Oscar's Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

Brett and I had a major parenting fail recently, all of a sudden Oscar seemed to have a growth spurt and we had no clothes for him *insert monkey emoji covering face here*.  He is so awkward with his sizing, having only just grown out of 0-3 bottoms and still in 6-9 tops we've had him sorted since he was born.  Despite it still being around 28 degrees in Cyprus I'm beginning to pick up lots of Autumn and Winter bits, believe it or not the weather does change and you definitely need some warmer layers and a raincoat! I found out the hard way last year! 

We are pretty limited in what's available out here (unless you want to pay an extortionate amount per item), but fortunately for us the shopping centre is home to my favourite shop...ZARA! I honestly feel that their clothes are such good value for money, the quality is amazing and they always stock such lovely items. We went on a bit of a spree whilst Emelia was at school and got some (we think) great pieces. There were some things on their U.K website that I couldn't get here so I ordered them online, everything we bought (where possible) will be linked below. 

Button Neck T Shirt - I picked this up in a few different colours and we love it! 
Basic Pocket T Shirt - White
Basic Pocket T Shirt - Navy 
Space Camp T Shirts - We picked up the grey and green versions
'Explore The Forest' T Shirt 
Dog T Shirt
Racoon T Shirt 
Dinosaur T Shirt
Bear Selfie T Shirt
'Yeah' Sweatshirt 
Positional Animal Sweatshirt
'Holidays' Sweatshirt
Basic Quilted Jacket
Penguin Leggings 
Grey Leggings 
Droplet Trousers
Peanut Trousers
Triangle Leggings 
Tree Print Leggings 

I'd love to hear about any items you've found for Autumn/Winter, please let me know in the comments! xo

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